The goal of 24hourview is to help older adults and caregivers living in the U.S. by providing expertise in: technology, veteranís benefits, Electronic Healthcare and Mechanics.



24hourview was created as a result of unknown challenges faced while caring for an elderly woman. The story is simple and relevant to a lot of caregivers and goes like this:


"See everyone forgets things" was the usual response, as Mrs. G. did not want to accept that she had stage 1 dementia. Even after test results proved the progression to stage 2, Mrs. G. would not accept and plan for her future. As a result, Mrs. G's family and friends had to step in and care for her. Eventually her care requirements were 24/7 which put a lot of stress on the caregivers.


The stress felt by caregivers was a rollercoaster. The technology solutions implemented by 24hourview were effective at helping caregivers and Mrs. G. however, as the disease progressed additional solutions were needed.


Controlling Mrs. G's TV and thermostat from the internet was simple and reduced stress on the caregivers. Her favorite TV shows could be selected and watched, in the comfort of her home. However, other solutions like video monitoring and food delivery were implemented over time due to the progression of the disease.


"Press the green button" was conveyed over and over again as the iPad mounted on the wall, ringing like and old school phone, waited for the command to start a video call from caregivers. Over time, pressing the green button was too much for Mrs. G. and other solutions were implemented by 24hourview at her home.


During Mrs. G's last years at home, inside and outside video monitoring, recording and alerting systems were installed. Instant communication software was needed as sun downing was an issue. A location device was used to determine her exact location when she began to wander.


Overall, the technology solutions implemented by 24hourview helped keep Mrs. G. in her home as long as possible.




24hourview believes that there are many Mrs. G's and their family members/caregivers who need help with implementing technology. Additionally, 24hourview knows that this technology can be implemented in other situations as well. Reach out to 24hourview with your questions.



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